Monday, September 7, 2009

Drunk on Fashion...

...and free fashion show champagne.

Actually the fashion was shit. The champagne was fabulous.

My mother, with whom I attended, proceeded to tell everyone who would listen that I didn't turn down a single canape, that I practically CHASED the canapes around the room. She then hugged me goodbye and told me I was too thin. In fact I turned down all but 3 canapes (which were all I ate today aside from about 5 glasses of champagne) and I'm too fat. Go figure. And go figure how I managed to develop such bad body image when I have such a supportive and unconditionally loving mother.

Having said that, I do love my mum, and we did have a good bitch together about all the models and how not-that-great they were. In Perth, all you have to do to be a model is be very tall and very thin, even if you are very ugly.

Am I just pissed because, despite my immensely privileged existence and medical education, all I really want is to be pretty, skinny, and a model? Yeah.

Lame, right?

PS: How hot is Lulu? Pretty damn hot!


  1. I think you have to try and think about what your Mum is feeling. She knows. By telling everyone how much you are eating she is (a) trying to hide your secret for you (which is what you's probably a maternal instinct to protect you) and (b) trying to convince herself that you are eating. She told you that you are too skinny after because she is worried about you. She is probably going through so much trying to work out what to do to help you but not wanting to admit to herself that you have a problem.

    So you're from Perth too? What was the event? DJ's fashion week show? xo

  2. i think there is something wrong in our fundamental wiring. i have intensely loving caring parents and lots of education and i am continually trying to fuck up my life by way of food issues / weight issues / just general inability to deal with life issues. it's like God (or whatever) pointing and laughing and saying, here you go, you've got it all, but i'm going to make sure you damn well don't enjoy it! how terribly rude, right?

    also, you are right. models only have to have a "dynamic" face. which can mean ugly-as-shit. i have worked for America's Next Top Model for a few cycles and letmetellyou, some of those girls are UGLY. but Tyra's like, OH! look at her FOREHEAD! look at those BROWS! look at that exaggerated PROFILE! yeah. sick. also you just have to know how to walk/pose because ugly girls can be made pretty by the camera if they know how to pose. modeling ain't about pretty, it's about acting. and knowing lighting and angles. which always makes me laugh because these girls on ANTM all think they're pretty and that's all they need! :D

  3. Mmmm....chaaaaampaaaaaagne.

    I heart champagne.

    Champagne is what dreams are made of.

    What was I gonna say? I got all caught up in lusty thoughts about the bubbly....

    Yes, Lulu is hott!

    I just wanna be skinny and beautiful too.

  4. don't feel bad! some people build model airplanes. some people watch TV. some people go out and party with their friends. some people HAVE friends. i read and read and read.

    of course you can imbibe well enough to deserve them! i read many books over and over again because i don't fully get them the first time. also it's about having a personal relationship with a book, not if you get out of it what you're "supposed" to get out of it. fuck that. for instance, i guarantee that Lord of the Rings means something different to me than it does to anyone else on earth. same with other books. a lot of the foreign books i read, i don't understand half the cultural references or what it means to be estonian or serbo-croatian or whatever, so i can't understand necessarily what the book is really ABOUT, but i still LOVE LOVE and have a personal little *ahem* (love affair) friendship with them.

    so yeah, go read! only if you want to! start with harry potter! those books are amazing! i'm not kidding either. great writer. great books. although i'm sure there's crack infused in the pages. :D