Friday, September 4, 2009


Off to a flying start!

After many blogular insights from the delightful likes of Lulu, Flushed and my new favourite Anise, I have made large strides in trying to create momentum. I showered, scrubbed, shaved and moisturised every inch of my body from the neck down. Washed and blow dried my hair. Cut, buffed and candy-pink-polished my nails. Put on my most carefully applied face. Finished off with fresh clean underpants, pretty floral dress and a spritz of fragrance. I've performed every tiny act I can possibly think of to feel more pretty, and now I'm feeling fractionally more inspired DESPITE the mammoth number I saw on the scales this morning.

Tonight is scary chocolate fondue party and I have devised a plan that Lulu and I have already discussed. I'm going to fill up on vegetable material before leaving, and lots of caffeine for extra appetite suppression. I'm going to take the most expensive and prettily presented sparkling mineral water I can find. I will drink that instead of alcohol and it will make me feel sexy rather than deprived. I will stick to fruit-based dippables and avoid the act of actually dipping wherever possible. And I will base my social activity AWAY from the chocolate fountain. I may fail, but I have set myself in the best possible stead for success. Also, I will do my darndest not to throw up. I'm trying, TRYING, to change.

You know what? I feel pretty good. Pretty pretty. I'm going to walk to the shops now to peruse the water supply. I think my plan may be working.



  1. Wooo glad u feel good, I was having a moment like that yesterday, put up some new pics on my blog to inspire me, check them out :)

    Good luck with the fondu, glad u feel pretty


  2. Sounds good, love! You've really done every possible thing. I'm proud of you!

    You're gonna do great best of luck, angel!


  3. Sounds like this Lulu character has loooooads of good ideas!

    good luck hun, i'm sure with all this positivitay you can make tonight a success. xxx

  4. oh and not creepy, marvellous. I am also not big on the hugging front, but i shall make an exception...

  5. Sounds like a great plan, keep up with it, stay positive!!!!

  6. yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! clean and pretty Pasco!

    i too scrubbed the shit out of my apartment today and am fasting and feeling pretty good about things.

    your plan sounds brilliant and achievable! yes yes! GO GO GO GO!

    also, where do you find all of these amazing pictures/photos that are all over your blog? i feel like i am living in Tim Burton's brain when i am here and i LOVE LOVE it.

  7. You'll do splendidly! Just stick to The Plan. Think of the delightfully empowering feeling you will have every time you turn your attention towards a new convo and away from ickiness (I'm a collegiate now, can you tell?) and at the end of the night, the feeling of SUCCESS! STRENGTH! POWER!

    AND....the building up of Momentum!

    You'll be fine. Just relax and focus on FUN, FUN, FUN!!!
    And FUN! (cuz you can never have too much)