Wednesday, September 9, 2009

4kg, 16days

I weighed 54kg this morning
To be 50 by the 25th I need to lose 4kg in 16 days
16 / 4 = 4
That's 1kg every 4 days

Can I do it?
I think I will need to lose at least 2kg in the first week to have a chance. So I will weigh in exactly 1 week from now and see how I've done. Then I have a week and a half to lose the rest.

I'm counting down from 16 to 1. Today was 16. I did quite well. About 500 calories, a little light walking. Nothing incredible. Excellent for me, for now. And no purging, not once.
Yesterday was also good
Tomorrow will be better still

On the 25th I will be a vision


  1. good luck these next 2 weeks!! and congrats on no purging - I can relate to that particular challenge.

    also, your thinspo is particularly beautiful.


  2. A beautiful, light, vision.
    Go Pasco, you can do it!

  3. Sounds achievable.

    Actually, I might buy in on this.
    I'm hovering between 55-56.
    Need to be down to 50 by the 30th.
    6kg in 20 days?

    Let's bite the hand that feeds.

  4. Your thinspo is the best, interesting and light as air. You will be a vision in a room of gluttons, and I wish you all the best xxx