Thursday, September 10, 2009

Strange Flowers


I was just pulling out of the supermarket car park this evening, having been to buy icecream to eat and throw up, when I heard a tap at my window. It was the guy from behind me at the checkout. I opened the door, expecting to be told my lights weren't working or something, and instead was handed a bunch of flowers - "here, these are for you". Me, bewildered: "ummmm, why?" Him, earnestly: "because I thought you were pretty and looked nice". I thanked him and he sped off in the opposite direction.

Crazy. I smiled and shook my head the whole way home
(Then ate the tub of icecream and threw up)

The odd thing is that I was given flowers by a complete stranger at the supermarket YESTERDAY too. A disheveled old man who worked collecting trolleys saw me deliberating over the flower stand. He told me to stop being so indecisive, grabbed a big bunch and marched to the counter with them, slapping down a 20. I refused, he insisted, and he told me if he could make one person happy that day it was all he could hope for.

It is the most bizarre and delightful coincidence. My house, which is finally becoming clean and ordered, is filled with beautiful flowers from kind strangers.

As for the ice cream... well, let's just not go there. I'm just not particularly strong, I guess. If I can manage to limit it to every few days it will be an improvement. And I can throw up so easily when I'm only doing it occasionally. My body is kind to me and supports me.

But enough of that, just happy thoughts and strange flowers



  1. How peculiar!
    I guess some people are really just nice. Enjoy them and be happy, my dear Pasco, you have earn it.

    Don't worry about the ice cream. Not today.


  2. that is a wonderful and beautiful and amazing coincidence! i'm happy that you're not creeped out (i would've been, but i'm like that...)! please remember this coincidence forever.

    ice cream, ice cream, ice cream... oh, soul mate. yes, i have GIANT problems with ice cream too and puking. i get it. but today was a beautiful day so don't beat yourself up about it!


    BREAD IS NOT A FOOD ITEM! BAN BREAD! spread the word and join the fight!


  3. I could eat ice cream for days... thank goodness we have a grocery budget that doesn't include it! And the flowers; oh my gosh, that is just so sweet. Two people in two days, what a lovely compliment. Flowers make me so happy! My husband is actually rather sweet and buys me flowers at least once a month for no reason, twice if there's a special occasion. Nothing makes me smile quite like flowers!

  4. Wow flowers! i love getting flowers, i don't think it's coincidence, it elevated your mood right?

  5. Strange but absolutely Beautiful. Do you see the impact you have on people you've never even met?

    I think this only proves how amazing you are!

    Be Strong!

  6. That is beautiful about the flowers!
    Perhaps God telling you how beautiful you are through complete strangers?
    As for the ice cream
    we all slip up.
    I slip up like crazy.
    Just read my blog to find out......

  7. WOw, what an amazing sensation,whish some stranger would hand me a flower orcompliment me.. you can be really proud beauty ;)

  8. Ok, so I've spent like the past 5 hours commenting on blogs. I opened yours and Lulu's up first but obviously I wanted to read ya'lls last because I needed to really catch up.

    Thank you for sticking with me even though I faded away for a bit. I really did need your support and your comments always mean the world :)

    As far as the flowers, I hope they are beautiful and I'm sure you deserve them. Mayhaps you should dry some of the flowers to keep as a reminder of your lovely self, and nice orderly household?

    All my love and affection.

  9. That's sweet...and those are perfect shoes.