Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Another day down. A lovely day. More exercise. Eating slotted neatly and easily within my calorie allowance. Sanity, good. The realisation that I haven't thrown up for 4 days, fantastic!

One more day, then Christmas. My free pass. Free... free to eat, but hopefully also free from the horrible compulsion to binge. I hope to employ all your helpful strategies to have a lovely day without going overboard. And to get back on track for boxing day.

Christmas will be OK. Right now my largest fear is the "one more day" between now and then. Day 5. 100 calories. I will need to go to the gym and do some serious cardio to "earn" more calories, because I don't think I can stick to that amount. I'm going home to my parents' place to start setting up for Christmas. Their house is an enormous binge trigger and there will be family dinner, not to mention Christmas food aplenty. I'm feeling a little panicked about it. On the brink of giving up... I don't know if I can burn off enough! I don't know if I can control myself! I've done so well and I don't want to waste it! I wish I could just skip tomorrow, go straight to my merry little Christmas then the following days of amends-making.

I really REALLY want to stay strong and get through it. So bear with me while I ponder through a plan.

♦Wake up, open pressies with housemates (we won't see each other on Christmas day so we are having mini Christmas tomorrow)

♦Suggest we do not crack into the special chockies we bought for Christmas because it is "too early" and perhaps propose we split them and take them along to our respective Christmases to share with our loved ones

♦No breakfast, just diet pills

♦Hit the gym and try for an hour of cardio. This will be hard (felt faint at the gym today and barely made half an hour) but it is super important. If needs be, do four 15 minutes intervals with rest breaks. Aim to burn around 500 calories, allowing 600 calorie total intake

♦Come home, eat 100 calories of egg whites, take more diet pills and fill up with a buttload of metamucil and raw veggies

♦Pack handbag full of celery, carrot sticks and snow peas

♦Head for parents' place and attempt to survive the afternoon on zero-calorie vegie snacks and gum

♦Brave the family dinner, suggest something light like ham&salad, be careful to keep it under 500 calories, and "let's not have dessert because we should save room for Christmas"

Well... it SOUNDS doable...
I feel a zillion times better just having typed it out!


  1. Sounds excellent, and very realistic. Good luck, and keep us posted!

  2. good luck convincing the family ... whenever I appear to be convincing people to not eat, save room (smart, right? even if you're not trying to lose weight!) it seems to trigger the opposite reaction. "what do you mean, save room? its christmas! bring on three pies instead. probably the main reason my family is mostly overweight. meh.

    your plan sounds awesome. best of luck through christmas!

  3. thats a pretty solid plan you've got there, i totally believe you can do it. Especially when it would mean so much to have accomplished those 5 days and know that you can do them again whenever you want.

    i wont say good luck because chance has nothing to do with it this time. You can choose to be in control, then you dont need my luck.

    stay strong tomorrow, the reward will be so worth it. xx

  4. You got this Pasco.

    You're armed with a plan and the will to execute it.


  5. Stay strong, you can totally do it, it's all about self belief... x

  6. i have read all your blogposts and i really love your blog. i can really relate to you. so keep up the good work girl, i know you can do it!

    and i had a question: what diet pill do you use? i am looking for one i want to use but there are so many of them!

  7. ah you've got the plan,
    put it into action!
    I know you can do this,
    good for you :) x

  8. Try to have a merry Christmas :)

  9. I wish you all the best,stick to your plan, and besides all that:
    Enjoy the fairy lights and the candles and all the other stuff! It´s worth it...