Sunday, December 27, 2009

Break on Through

Christmas over
Boxing day (aka Christmas with the "other side") over

I had my freebie on Christmas day. Ate like a pig, and loved it. Managed to get away with one almighty spew in the evening and actually went to bed with a smaller than anticipated abdominal bulge.

Yesterday morning, boxing day, I ran. I ran and ran through the blistering Australian heat until my skin became cold, my limbs were tingling and my head began to space out. I didn't count my calories and I'm almost certain I went over my allowance, but I'm calling it a success because I ran so damn hard.

And now the worst of the holidays are behind me and I'm on the other side. I'm not sure if I made it to 55kg by Christmas morning and I'm going to give myself a few days for the weight to settle before I assess my progress (or lack of it). 300 calories today. Straight back in the game!

That goes for you girls as well :)


  1. Oooh that run sounds amazing! Well done for having such a successful Christmas, it really sounds like you kept it together brilliantly :) fantastic motivation
    Love as always xxx

  2. I ate sooo much over Christmas :(
    I even gained 2 kilos. Argh!
    But it's okay, because I got low before and I can do it again :)

    Hope your Christams was great!