Wednesday, December 30, 2009

new goodies for a new year

I am a testament to our consumer culture.

"I would be happier if I were thinner"
"I would be happier if I bought more stuff"

Well I prefer to combine the two, and purchase stuff laden with the alluring promise of weight loss. And I tell you what, it certainly makes me happier! My dears, I have shopped, and if this post were audible you would hear my squeals of delight.

First on the list was a new set of bathroom scales, complete with bioelectrical impedence body composition analysis. Ooooh excitement! I also bought 2 new types of diet pills. One of them is my standard caffeine packed pep pill. The other is a hydroxycitrate tablet that claims to help with lipid metabolism, but I suspect it's bullshit. My local discount pharmacy had a half price vitamin sale so I thought I'd splash out anyway... and besides, you can't beat a good diet pill placebo effect! I bought some other fun "supernutrient" tablets and some hair/skin/nails vitamins. I even bought bio-oil to try and kill my stretch marks (again, I'm sure it's bullshit).

I'm so excited to fill my stomach with crazy supplements and measure every inch of my body fat and its location... but I'm going to hold out until I wake up on new year's day. That is my big proper super special day 1, and I'm going to start off with a bang! It will be one hell of a shock of a bang, too, because holy moly I am the size of a house. Absolutely revolting. I'm trying to stay positive though - the more I have gained the more I have to lose. And I am GOING to lose it! And I love losing weight! So hell... I'm just giving myself more of what I love!


Pasco xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. This post makes me veryyyyyy happy!
    I bought my first pair of electric scales in the sales this time last year and it was so motivating! I also love pills... even if they are a waste of money... it makes me feel healthier :)
    Heres to 2010 and more of what you love, beautiful Pasco!
    x x x

  2. ^_^ Sounds like a fabulous way to start the new year. By the way, I absolutely love that pic. lol, it's cute.

  3. Wonderful! I'm with you Pasco. 2010 is the year I claim myself and thinness! I just spent $100 yesterday ordering new supplements. I can't wait until they arrive!


  4. I decided to stop moping around the house, went out, bought myself a new diary -it's sparkly with a glittery black and pink stiletto on the front cover- and 4 tubs of low fat yoghurt. I love spending money on myself!

    Your enthusiasm's infectious.
    I'm actually starting to look forwards to 2010! (:

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed this great shopping trip! would love to do the sam,I always feel so good even when i just buy some vitamine pills...imagin how high I would be if I could afford to buy one of those great electric scales that measure body fat/water etc AND all different kinds of pills and ofther stuff promising to get rid of the evil fat =)
    And even if most of it is kidna bullshit....if there is jsut a tiny placebo effect it was worth it ;)

  6. This is perfect <3 Just the way I've been thinking.
    I just wrote a journal entry saying the same things as you and then came on to blogspot to find this amazing entry :)
    You'll do wonderful in 2010, you're strong :)

  7. I am SO jealous of your scale!
    Totally in need of a new one.

  8. Placebo affects are sooooo worth the cost!! You're gonna do fabulously in the new year Pasco!

    Cheers to the 2010 success awaiting us!!

  9. I love the pics you always post on your pages! :D:D

  10. Happy Silvester.

    That's a great choice of picture.

  11. What brand of scales did you buy?

  12. Bonjour, Pasco!

    It's Bella, I just thought I'd reintroduce myself, because I was discovered just a few weeks ago.

    Having put on four unwilling kilograms, I am back with a new blog. And I think, what with it being New Years' Eve/New Blog's Day, maybe I can do this.

    Your post (this one) makes me happy, optimistic and excited.

    I'm going to do this.

    love, excitement and Happy-New-Bloody-Year-ness,


  13. "Discovered" here meaning:

    total blog shut down;
    a brand new high-carb diet;
    54 kilograms on my newly padded body;
    no trust from anyone I know;
    sideways glances from every-which-way.

    Sorry to be dramatic, and tell you all these things. But you're Australian, and you seem to be intelligent, classy and interesting.

    That's the sort of person I tend to confide in...