Friday, December 4, 2009

But today I'm feeling more positive

I can't make my goal by Christmas.
Berating myself for it won't make any difference.
And desperately struggling to overcompensate for my failure is only making the situation worse.

I can get a grip. I can do OK. I can lose a kilo or 2 by Christmas no sweat, and I will feel better and stronger and healthier for it. Then there is a new year with new challenges and new opportunities to reach new and better goals. So I set this one a little too high. Accepting it and doing the best I can is the only step forward.

It's summer.
And it's beautiful!



  1. That's a good attitude :o)

    You always post the most beautiful pictures.

  2. (And I just realized my comment could sound condescending? It's not. It's how I talk to my friends irl? ♥ I am proud of you, bb!)

  3. hey hun i've missed reading your blog
    you're doing so well
    love xoxxxxxxx

  4. good for you! thats such a positive post and i know you'll do just fine!
    the new year gives us a new chance =]

  5. you're completely right.
    and have beautiful summery days!
    i'm green with envy, it's already below zero in here..


  6. Excellent. Enjoy the sunshine dear Pasco! xox

  7. I really like your attitude today. I hope it will stay for a while! Of course it´s no use to regret things that are already done for, but sometimes we are just not that positive.
    I wish you can keep this up, and all the other stuff you want to achieve will follow. It was a hard goal, anyway...
    Smile on!