Saturday, December 12, 2009

I look a myself in the mirror

How can I be so familiar
Yet unfamiliar
All at once?


  1. a belated WOO for your post on the 10th...

    have you slipped and grazed your knee on a cupcake or are you unfamiliar for another reason?

    hope you are still having ok sensible days. I'm going to be zero pounds thinner by christmas if that makes you feel any better? xx

  2. i feel this ALL THE TIME, soulmate, ALL THE GDMN TIME. i am at once both too intimately familiar with my self, body, etc, and too strange and foreign, and i often avoid mirrors because of this alone. i worry forever about how other people view me because i cannot figure out how to view myself. maybe i am just an alien in human skin? weird weird weird. it is our minds playing tricks on us. i wish i knew how to stop it. maybe avoid the mirrors for a while?

    also like Lulu i am going to be zero pounds thinner by xmas, and in fact, i will probably be 5 lbs heavier due to cake and family and damn french yummy come xmas we ought to have a fat party. because we are obviously still awesome even though we are not as thin as we want.

    LOVE xx x

  3. <3

    lazy comment? i'm so out of touch.