Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm in hiding

I'm too scared to step on the scales and too fat to blog. I suppose it's denial. If I can't see the numbers and I can't see you all, then I can't be doing that badly.

So... I'll just be hiding away, waiting for a bit of impetus, a bit of change. I think I might take some dexies and clean my house. Clean home, clean slate, clean body?

Fingers crossed.


  1. Good luck to you!

    Don´t hide for too long, I would miss you...

  2. ditto... on feeling similar and to medica's comment.

    I am trying not to step on the scale this week - but I'm afraid that its making things worse, keeping me in rather uncomfortable ignorance.


  3. This mirrors my feelings this week so so much. I've kept myslef away from everything, even blogging was too much for my shame. But Ilive in hope, it CAN be turned around.

  4. ZING!

    (that was a zap of impetus)

    Quick! catch it and put it in your pocket and dont stop till its all used up! I'm going out in the snow so you can bloody well get some cleaning done Miss K!

    love you xx