Sunday, December 20, 2009


It is no use waiting for new year's resolutions. I have LET MYSELF GO. And I'm starting again. Right now. This morning's numbers were horrifying and eye opening. I'm at a crossroads on the the cusp of fat. My complacency has been my undoing. Who was I to think I could get away with not counting? Not exercising? I need strictness and exactness, measuring scales and nutritional labels. Be cruel to me, badger me, hold me accountable. I don't want to be fat. I'm not ready to give up. I need this. Here we go!

New Starting Weight
57 kg, 125.4 lbs, BMI: 20.4

Goal Weight
48 kg, 105.6 lbs, BMI: 17.2

GW 1 - 55.0 kg, 121.0 lbs
GW 2 - 53.0 kg, 116.6 lbs
GW 3 - 51.5 kg, 113.3 lbs
GW 4 - 50.0 kg, 110.0 lbs

Now I cannot get there without rules. Hard and fast, no room for diversion, absolute-all-or-nothing rules. And I think the rules need to start with some structure- a tried and tested diet plan. I had great success with the ABC in the past. I only made it through about 10 days but I did beautifully well over that time and lost a lot of weight. It's a good place to start.

So here are the bare bones of it:

1: 500
2: 500
3: 300
4: 400
5: 100
6: 500
7: 300
8: 400
9: 200
10: fast
11: 150
12: 200
13: 400
14: 350
15: 250
16: 200
17: fast
18: 200
19: 100
20: fast
21: 300
22: 250
23: 200
24: 150
25: 100
26: 50
27: 100
28: 200
29: 200
30: 300
31: 800
32: fast
33: 250
34: 350
35: 450
36: fast
37: 500
38: 450
39: 400
40: 350
41: 300
42: 250
43: 200
44: 200
45: 250
46: 200
47: 300
48: 200
49: 150
50: fast

And here are my personal amendments and details:

♦I will deduct all exercise calories from my daily totals. I need to start exercising, and this is my incentive. The more I burn, the more I can eat

♦As always, I will not count calories in plain raw vegetables

♦Now this is a new one for me! I will not count calories in alcohol, but ONLY for spirits straight up, or with zero-calorie mixers. This being the last summer holidays of my life, I think I ought to allow for a little merriment!

♦I will be granted ONE free day for Christmas (I mean who am I kidding, I love Christmas!). So this means Christmas eve will be day 5 and boxing day will be day 6.

♦I will take care of my whole body, meaning supplements ahoy! Fish oil, fibre, calcium, multivitamins. None of these will count for any calories.


I will not fail!

I hope to reach my first goal by Christmas morning. 2kg in 5 days sounds like a stretch, but I put in on very quickly and with any luck it will drop straight off. Then onwards and upwards into the new year and beyond. I will emerge victorious!

Pasco x


  1. go you! uhmayzing plan. I know how you feel, I hate this last stretch of year when mind and body crumble into cookie crumbs which I then pick up and eat. you can do this, you are fantastic, intelligent and you can get through. And if until new year doesnt go totally to plan think of it as training.
    I am thinking of you!!! x

  2. Does this sort of thing work at Christmas?

    Though, to be fair, my only experience of Aussie Christmas comes from watching the exploits of the citizens of Ramsay Street.

    Have a good one, lurve.

  3. This is a very thoughtful plan, I love it. As you might know, I am counting differently to you, but it makes a lot of sense not to count alcohol if you want to have some fun in your life!
    You should really enjoy your last holiday, I guess you will have to get a job soon, and I absolutely know how this will affect your life! By the way: At the beginning of a medical career, there will be no time to eat, you will lose anyway!
    Stay strong, and try not to stress yourself too much, you are doing great!

  4. I love it! brilliant exceptions. Are you starting today?

  5. I am doing a very similar thing as of tomorrow!
    we can do this. x

  6. Love love LOVE the plan. And think about this-you survive the holidays, you know you can survive ANYTHING. Seriously. And you know come january there'll be so many fucking diet plans and detoxes going around no one will even NOTICE disorder. January is so my favourite month: cold (here at least), crisp, a new start. And even better to not start it a bloated huge mess. SO good luck Pasco xxxxxx