Monday, August 24, 2009

go for GOLD

I'm back and I'm fat. 55 kg. 121 lbs. Nearly 5 kg and 10 lbs plastered back around my middle. And my thighs which had finally separated are now firm friends again. I've been home a few days and haphazardly attempted to get some order back in my life. It hasn't worked. But today is Monday, new day, new week, new resolve. I need my blog and I need a plan and I need to FOCUS. This is it ladies, I'm going for gold!

First things first, I need a solid restricting regime. And the front runner is 2468. After a brief discussion with my metabolism my own personal adaptation will be as follows:

rinse repeat

Having 2 big days with a fast in the middle should work for me. Nice fluctuation and it should be easier to fast knowing I can eat the next day. I've kind of cheated because really the pattern calls for an extra day of 200 calories but I'm easing myself into it. Mmk with everyone? Ah, good!

So, foods? Lots of fresh veg. A little fruit. Egg whites will be my friends. And fishies. Sorry kids, I'm not the vegan kind. And then there are all the delicious diet staples I've been missing out on since I've been away from my sheltered little world. Diet jelly, green tea, berocca, broth.

And the little rituals. The lovely little rituals. My morning routine:

Apple cider vinegar
Hot water with lemon
Spoonful psylium husks
Handful of vitamins
Diet pills
Green tea
... perhaps a few calories if I deserve them.

Ohhhh diet pills. How desperately I wish I could get my hands on something good. The relentless frustration of the ever-vigilant eye of the Therapeutic Goods Administration. More restrictive than even me. Bastards. But even a few over priced herbal supplements with their deliciously inspiring placebo effects should tip the balance in my favour.

I have bought a pedometer and I'm going to do 10 000 steps a day. I know, 10 000 steps is more like baby steps, but it's something.

And this morning?
I'm going to get out of bed and put on my running shoes. I'm going to get proactive about sloughing off some of this lard. Once I get home, I will purge away my last month of sins with a large and painful salt water flush. Then embark on day 1 of my delightful breakfast routine. 200 calories today. It's been a while since I've stuck to anything even in that ballpark. But I'll go fast as I can.

See you at the finish line

Pasco x


  1. Hey pasco! Getting reductil wasn't difficult at all actually, she didn't even hesitate to give it to me...but when I went to pharmacy they looked at me funny, like what kind of doctor would prescribe ME it. Anyway I first asked for duramine and she said flat out no because I'm healthy and its meant for overweight people. Hope it works out for you when you try to get it. Anyway I plan to start afresh today as well. Goodluck on the 2468 diet and exercising. stay strong!

  2. You go girl! I know you can do this, just remember how much you need and want this and it gets easier everytime. Your plan sounds awesome, aslong as your easing back into it, it should go fine. Lots of Luck sweets.


  3. Oh just last night I saw in a health magazine an article about psylium husks! They're supposed to be really good :) I thought to myself, 'I must get some of those' haha. Now I definitely think I will. Good luck! :)

  4. i lovee your blog! your story is inspiring, & it's okay to go through rough patches, because we all do it. you can do it, stay strong!<3

  5. YAY! Welcome back! 2-4-6-8-who do we appreciate PASCOoooo!!!

    haha, I'm a cornball but I couldn't resist :p

    Stay Strong!


  6. I think that's a very, very good start. The fast in the middle of the two 800 days is good, because then you'll have eaten a good amount before and after, and that should put off a binge that comes after fasting (at least the pattern of fast-binge-fast-binge that I tend to see with other people and with myself :x )

    I believe in you! Ease into it as slow as you need to. I think you'll do wonderfully ♥

  7. On Your Marks; Get Set; Go Pasco, Go.


  8. Hello, love. I'm so glad to see you back, posting and making plans, which by the way sound very good!

    I'm sure you can do this, no doubt about it.
    And with you here I think I'm gonna do better...
    Ha ha.


  9. welcome back and i LOVE your attitude