Friday, August 28, 2009


water water everywhere but not a bite to eat

My salt water flush did not work. It was my third try and it has never failed before. So all I managed to do was ingest a tremendous amount of disgusting salt water. And the salt made me so thirsty I must have had about 3 litres of normal water to try and quench it. I'm blowing up like a beach ball. I can't believe how so much can go in and so little come out. I'm so swollen, it's so foul.

However... nothing kills the appetite like being full to bursting, even if it's not with food. Salt water may be awful and it may make me hideously bloated, but it has no calories. And as a consequence of waiting for it to *ahem* exit, and then feeling so huge when I realised it was never going to, I haven't eaten a thing. Now it's 8.30 and I'm determined I may as well fast out the rest of the day. And soon my body will kick into overdrive and start pouring off this fluid. Bodies are good like that. We treat them like crap but they can still go "hmmm... blood pressure up a bit, glomerular filtration rate awful high, lets make some weeeeeeeeeeee". So I'll probably be up all night racing to the toilet to pee. And by morning it will just be another day, a wonderful day, a lighter post-fast day. A kick start let's hope.

By the way, you are all fucking amazing! Thank you for being there, for caring and understanding in a way that nobody else can. Sharing the secret. It means so much.

Pasco Pissalot


  1. do it again. mine often dont work the first time but the second time they work a charm. and TWO full bellies of disgusting salt water are the best way to not want to eat EVER. x

  2. i would like to do a salt water flush, do you just use regular salt? is there a ratio?

  3. Pissalot. Bahha.
    Well done, good to hear it sounds like this could be lovely.
    I feel that didn't make sense.
    You get the gist of it.
    The general vibe of the thing.
    Much love :)