Tuesday, August 25, 2009


You know, you're doing OK, all the right things, getting back on track. Then suddenly it washes over you. Strange scary panic. Overwhelming scary horrible panic. Where you just NEED all the fat OFF right NOW or you might drop DEAD oh FUCK

Just gotta stay calm...


  1. its okay hun, just try and destress.
    remember that soon all the fat will be gone, and there will be nothing but beautiful beautiful bones.

    stay strong!

    XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

  2. Just close your eyes and breeeeeath. Shake out your arms and take another deep breath. Tell yourself it's coming off. Slow and steady is better than all at once because then it will stay off. Breath. It will be ok.

  3. you are gorgeous... u'll be even more so after some days... stay calm :)
    <3 Pi

  4. My dear I think I may join you on this 2468 type plan.
    I am really off the rails at the moment too and no plan I devise appears to be very successful.
    And I have a job, so much more credit to spend. So feel free to text me :)
    I hope your panic attack is over and you are all ok.

    Very much love.

  5. Been there. The only difference was I was clinically obese at the time. Try not to have a panic attack, love. It will be alright. One day you'll wake up, look into the mirror (or go through old photos or something) and realize the progress you've made, instead of focusing all your energy on how far you have left to go.