Monday, August 31, 2009


This morning I caught my first, faint yet unmistakable whiff of Spring.

I am aware that there are only so many desperate "new beginnings" a girl can attempt to latch on to, but with that whisper of springtime trailing the breeze one can't help but feel hope. The promise of warmth, prettiness, long nights and longer weekends. Ease and time and birdsong. The beach. How can things not get better? How could I not be inspired?

And the weight is finally slowly coming off. 54kg this morning. It's a start. My fridge is full of strawberries, raspberries, pineapple, sparkling twinkling mineral water. It too feels the hope and freshness of Spring.

Today I will Spring clean my space and lure in a little of this beauty.



  1. Who told you theres an finite number of false starts? all you can do is keep trying, and spring does sound like a good excuse. x

  2. Spring; The time for fresh fruits, salads, sparkling water, where you can just live of that & get away with it.

    Go Spring!

  3. Oh I sooo envy you right now. Not just for the wonderfully healthy choices that you have in your kitchen, but also because you're going into spring. It will be winter soon for us, and although that means more time got really slim and fit before spring and summer roll around again, I hate that cold nasty period right before the snow.

  4. your fridge sounds like perfection...

  5. there is no set amount of times to have a freash start, you cant win every battle, sometimes u will fail...but enentually and enevatably u WILL win the war xx

  6. lucky you summer is well and truly gone in scotland winter is back been stuck in huge cosie hoodies beside the radiator for the week or soo now

    mm all tha gorgeous fruit sounds really goood reminds me i have to get me some fruits asap

  7. Oh Pasco! In the two weeks that I've been away you have come back! I can't express how happy I am, there was a big empty space in my reading list without you!
    Your fridge sounds simply luscious and I hope you start feeling that way too :)
    lots of love x x x

  8. ah, your lucky, where I am winter is beginning to creep up on us. it's cold and harsh, and while I agree with mynameismellon that you get more time, it is rather unpleasant.
    good luck to you!

  9. fruit + sparkly water = heaven! i now live in a place with eternally no spring (we jump from cold and wet to hothothot) and it's left an empty hole in my soul (oh, that rhyme was embarrassing). i hope you can start things off right with much fruit and bubbly and lounging and frolicking amongst the trees and grass!

  10. As ridiculous as it may sound it took me a while to realise that it wasn't odd that spring was coming in the middle of August; I remembered you live in Australia :P
    Here in Britain there's a chill of winter in the air; fun fun :P
    Hope you're well xox

  11. Known in this hemisphere under the guise of Autumn.

  12. I am also enjoying the beginning of spring in Australia - except for our 35 degree day monday last week, ugh! If this is what summer is going to be like, I think I'm going to melt! Oh and the pollen is driving my nose nuts :-/

  13. Your lucky with spring, autumn just started here and'that means rain and more rain. The leaves falling of the trees and the nature seems at peace though so that's nice.

    Goodluck with your new start, your fridge sounds perfect. I wish that was all in mine. But I'm not that lucky