Tuesday, August 31, 2010


As I type this the clock will tick over midnight and Winter will become Spring. Like magic something in my brain will tick over and the Winter in my head will clear and Spring will bloom. My problems will evaporate, my will resume. I will find the love I need for myself, the desire to nurture my body with freshness and life, exercise and water, salad that stays down instead of sludge which comes up. Everything will reawaken bright and beautiful.

I have seen it coming, felt it coming for weeks. Waiting for this moment, telling myself this will be the time. Telling myself this is my last chance to turn something horrible into something wonderful. My life.

I know it sounds like delusion.
I know it does.


  1. it is incredbile, how we find ourselves in the same period of time, on the same planet and whilst, we'r on two opposites spots on the globe and turning to opposite season. you're stepping into the rebirth time of spring and I'm getting into the time of the copper coloured nature- autumn. isn't it fascinating? :)

  2. <3 I love your writing, and the photos you post.