Wednesday, September 1, 2010

out of the sand


I have been head down in the sand, forging recklessly through my ugly life and ignoring the knowing fat. Today means numbers and accountability. Raising myself out of the dust and letting Spring envelop me. I think I'm out of second chances. I think this is it.

12 weeks until Summer
12 kilos to lose


  1. 12 weeks until winter, 12 kilos to lose.
    Snap. sort of
    My time is now or never too.
    1 kilo a week. Peasy. that is the recommened 'healthy' weight loss per week.

    We have no excuses

  2. 12 weeks until Summer.
    Fuck, thanks for the fricken reminder.
    You'll do it. So will I. Not 12 though. I'm not that motivated haha.
    Good luck, love.

  3. summer - can't wait!!! i'm aiming for a 15kg. it doesn't seem that hard if you think about it as a little more than a kilo a week!

    i've just started a blog to help me get there - would love if you would follow! xx

  4. good luck!

    & I just love when numbers match & work nicely together like that :)

  5. Good luck, enjoy spring. Autumn is about to cover my world.Some part of me welcomes it, while the other is having a hard time saying goodbye to summer. And appearing on stage. Where people are bound to judge the fat person I've become over summer. But I'll hold my chin up and worked it off. Before they even blink their eyes. Again good luck. Know we're all here for you.

    Lots of Love & Luck,

  6. A kilo a week sounds perfect. =D Good luck