Tuesday, September 7, 2010


it isn't found in images

it is words and memories

a boy I slept with a month ago

"I love this bone on women"

knowing he was thinking back to his former, beautiful girlfriend and caressing the sharpness of her hip in his imagination, disappointed by mine. disgusted, even.

"oh god I must look like shit this morning"

awaiting the affirmation

"you look... ok"

what was he thinking, he was thinking

I remember when I had hip bones like that



  1. you can have hipbones like that again. don't forget.

    xx, io

  2. The memory of what you have lost will motivate you. Don't give up.

  3. I'm always bothered when I hear about a guy who likes boney women. It depresses me. It shouldn't be that way... but at the same time, I'm a hypocrite. So much of that is jealousy, too. I just don't know why bones are so beautiful, even though I think so too.

  4. I had that when my hip bones showed. They'd always rest their hand on the hip bone.
    Now mine is just covered in flab.

    Don't worry about what the boy said, we all look like shit in the morning.
    You should have seen me the other day when I woke up. Fuck man.. greasy hair, greasy face, smudged makeup - and I don't even WEAR makeup!
    It's like we're supposed to just look like shit.


  5. anger is a great motivation i know. actually negative things help us more than good things, even though we don't realise it.
    u are gorgeous, for the simple fact that you are yourself.
    stay strong