Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tomorrow will be 1 again

I never said it would be easy
Sundays are always hard. There is going out for breakfast, there is seeing friends, relatives, there is time to pass. I shouldn't make excuses but the facts stand that on the 6th day I lost control.

I cannot despair, because I cannot perpetuate this cycle.
The important thing is to make sure I don't give up now that my run is broken.

Tomorrow MUST be 1. It is more important than 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 500.
Because 1 is the hardest. It is when you've got nothing to lose you needn't bother trying. But I DO need bother.

Tomorrow will be 1 again
I will not throw up tomorrow



  1. you need to also give yourself room for bad days. no one can keep on going wonderfully for ever and ever. i think five good days is an amazing achievement that i have been following and admiring. don't give up. tomorrow will just have to be a good day again.


  2. it will be one, of many more to come and it will be good, trust me.)
    u can be whoever u want, u can be free. u can be u
    good luck

  3. you can do it. you will.

  4. it wouldnt be life or real if u didnt have bad days. unfortunately life isnt a fairy tale with a happy ending. we have bad days so we can appreciate the good!!

  5. You can do it. Don't despair over the mistakes, we all make them, just pick back up and start again and this time you will last longer and the next longer still. I have been purge free for 3 months and yesterday I made a mistake, today I did not. We all fail so we can know how to win. Stay Strong!

  6. weekends are always the hardest. i threw up today (and twice yesterday) merely because i had too much free time and was panicked about what to do with it. but mondays are always fresh starts, no? and it DOES matter, it IS worth it. and not just in order to starve, not just to be "better". for other reasons too that i cannot remember now but i just have to trust that i will remember them sooner or later once i've broken the cycle.

    we have too much to lose to stop bothering. i say that and i don't believe it for myself but i believe it for you, therefore i must trust that it's true for me too. we are worth it. right?

    xx x

  7. 'yes man yes man'
    'you can do it'
    'blah blah blah'

    but i genuinely want you to know that i'm so impressed you went six days. thats huge. good luck with the next six, the length of the streak isnt as important as the knowledge that you can just start a new streak when you stumble.
    love xx

  8. your blog is beautiful, your writing is, you are
    felt less lost and alone for a moment

  9. ps: you will make it. six days is fantastic.