Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Inspired by your blogs last night, I decided to liquid fast today. Enormous amounts of sugarfree energy beverages, diet coke and green tea, plus a bit of fruit&veg juice. Almost 7pm, I reckon I've probably had about 200 liquid calories, and I'm trying to end on that.

I am hungry.
I am trying to remember how it feels nice.

That hunger, that craving, that is the feeling of the fat slowly receding away from my ribs and collarbones. The rumbling in my stomach is the sound of cellulite smoothing, of air and light and space usurping flesh. The haziness is my head, just the suffocating shroud being lifted off me.


  1. I think I may just save this post and refer back to it when I feel like eating when I shouldn't. It's such beautiful imagery, a lovely way of remembering why I must try even harder.

    Thank you, and keep up the awesome work, love. <3

  2. I think I'm doing a liquid fast sometime soon.
    I too feel inspired, and namely by this post.