Friday, February 5, 2010


I am so SO sure of it
How could he?
I am nothing!

EDIT: So perhaps I am exaggerating. But it is hard to explain. The things he says in my presence. The way he talks about me around his friends. I feel as though I am made abundantly aware of how little I mean to him. "Oh, my dinner date canceled on me tonight", "oh, so-and-so looks as though she'd give a terrific blow job". I feel humiliated. He is demonstrating to me that I shouldn't get too attached and bragging to his friends indirectly about how I fawn over him even though he couldn't care less about me.

And yet, as I type, he just called me. Am I making this all up in my head???


  1. i kno exactly how you feel, i went thourgh the same thing with a guy i thought was just in love with me. turns out he wasn't...he got a girlfriend 3 days after we messed around. i was pissed but i dont need him, you'll find someone else, and if not you always have your self in the end thats all that counts, or at least thats what i tell myself :)

  2. This seems very strange, but I think you should watch it a little bit, maybe you are wrong...
    Who knows how men feel...

    I hope it will work out fine...

  3. I was with a guy who was like him, and Pasco --
    He does not care about you.

    I'm so sorry, because I know how it hurts to know. But it's true.

    My guy started out doing the same thing: calling all the time, just utterly fascinated by me. Then it turned into sex, and then less frequent calling. Then it turned into "Oh... so you want to hang out?" And then it turned into silence.

    Guys like these are selfish. So what's the point?

  4. it might be just how he acts around his friends, its not how he really feels. careful though b/c boy's boyfriends are super important, often more than anything else, and real feelings often get hidden forever. strange stuff. sorry things are looking less auspicious.

    be well!

  5. Some men are pigs.
    Really and truly.
    You deserve someone who's going to dote over you, brag about being in your presence, and bask in your glory.
    If he doesn't think you shit sunshine, he isn't worth your time.

  6. it sounds very hard, this business of being in love. good luck, btd (big tough doctor)

  7. I'm sorry for ignoring you of late. I've been giving my degree the care and attention she deserves.

    I'll trawl through recent posts and provide something sweet to say rather than something snarky. Esta é uma promessa.