Friday, February 12, 2010

finding a better place

I almost caved last night. But I told myself if I could just hold out, just get myself off to sleep, then I could eat in the morning. I struggled to find the strength, but I made it. This morning I am 54.6kg, I have surpassed goal weight one, and now I don't know if I have the strength to cope with seeing that number go back up once I start eating.

The world is a dark and crumbly place sometimes

RIP Alexander McQueen, hope you found somewhere better


  1. I know this, passing the goal and getting scared...
    Try to be calm,one day you will stay under it and don´t have to fear...
    I know you can do it.

  2. Well done. Stay strong!

  3. Alexander McQueen's death is SO tragic. He was amazing.
    I know you can keep strong, love.
    And yes, we WILL be thin for our birthdays!

  4. Because getting to the goalweight is cake.
    Staying there is the real challenge.

    Maybe you can focus on restriction and less on the scale for a while? It will fluctuate with water weight and it's not an accurate weight measurement anyway. (body fat percentage readings are).

    McQueen T_T

  5. Nice work on the weight loss!
    Is it twisted to say I'm proud of you,
    because i am.


  6. I think Bukowski said something to the effect of "geniuses end up killing themselves because they're geniuses" (my wording, not his; I do wish I could find his quote).