Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who Are We?

Who knows?

I often wonder, if I were somebody else, watching myself walking down the street, would I think I was lovely? Or would I think I was horrible?

I probably wouldn't even notice.


  1. If I am to go by the beauty of your blog, I would say you have excellent taste and personally, I would notice you, and be jealous of whatever you were wearing.

  2. I love all these pictures that you put on your blog. I just love... you're blog.
    I have it on RSS feed so I know whenever you post :) Just so you know.
    And yeah, I get what you mean.

  3. I'm in a weird space in the middle, I want people to notice that I'm different and think I'm pretty, but then I also want to disappear into the background and not be acknowledged - it's difficult to find a balance I prefer because there is no middle ground with those two wants.

  4. I'm almost certain that people think "What the hell are they doing with her" as I walk down streets with friends.
    It's like I can feel them burning a hole through all the fat.

    I've seen your picture.
    In my eyes, everything about you is perfect. No matter what you believe.

  5. dearest, if I saw you on the street I'd make sure my boyfriend wasn't checkin' (you're his type =p)

  6. I bet you're absolutely beautiful but at the end of the day what I say really doesn't matter. I wish you all the luck ;)

  7. hey pasco just wondering if everything is ok I noticed you haven't talked to me in over a month. There's nothing I can think of that I did wrong, is there?

  8. like the photos. anyway. um. so. you commented on savory's latest post and used the word "craptacular" .

    i'm just letting you know that I am stealing it.


  9. You have lovely posts, i think i'd notice you as a beauty if i saw you on the street. ;)

    Yasmine. xx

  10. Is getting one's 'hate' on in the same family-of-reaction as getting one's freak on?