Thursday, July 16, 2009


So I didn't eat that cookie yesterday and I woke up this morning proud and starving. But I basically wrote it off by eating it just then instead. After 3 days in a row of 500 calories a day, I've had 800 today so far and all I want to do it eat a real, big, proper dinner.

Funnily enough I don't feel so terrible about it. So today will be a bit of a wash. That's OK. I can have a real dinner if I want... It's been a long time. I will keep it down. I won't binge. I will have a good day tomorrow, then weigh myself on Saturday morning for the first time in a week. With any luck I'll have knocked off that extra couple of kilos I put on recently.

What is this strange magic?
Yay positivity!


  1. amazing. i'm so impressed. and you're right, you can have dinner.
    I'm so happy for you for feeling ok etc etc. that must be so nice. xx

  2. Parfois, manger est pas mal, parfois.
    Je voudrai d'apprendre le français aussi parce que, j'ai oublié presque tout.

    Or something like that.
    As I tried to say, eating is fine, sometimes.

    I guess as long as you don't binge, you can recover the next day.


  3. well done you. i got halfway there! i did leave the kitchen...

    next time i'll remember how well you did in stopping halfway through and you shall be my motivation. xx

  4. Hoorah. We shall have an excellent fast, I'm going well so far, but I'm going for coffee with my mother in a bit.. Hm maybe I'll get a magical stomach ache and just have water :)
    Do you do adding on msn, or do you like to keep these things seperate? :)
    I'll give you my address if you'd like to add me.

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  6. Good going, eating a nice dinner is fine and even will help your metabolism. Goodluck!

  7. Hey! I'm glad your feeling positive.
    hope the mood lasts!

    Yasmine. xx

  8. I like that 2nd pic, that dress! those stripes! The hat!

    So cool.