Friday, July 17, 2009


temazepam coming along nicely
feeling incredibly wonderful now
might go fall asleep in front of the cricket
cheating foul pommy bastards
hope it's not raining over there...

errrrgh maybe I might not make it to the telly...


  1. Oh how I miss relaxants...
    get a good sleep - hope you wake up renewed :)

  2. Ooh my 30th follower, that's even nicer :) and an aussie too. My bf's from Victoria originally :) i'm so glad you felt better in the morning. Well done on your resolve the night before :) good luck with the rest of your day xx

  3. I hate cricket :)
    And you can call me if you ever want to.
    Well done on your fast. Hope you don't binge today xx

    And I'm just the same. If food isn't allowed, it isn't allowed so that's that. That's why I'm doing fruit only today. Rules out all other foods like that. <3

  4. temazepam.

    mmmm. :D