Wednesday, July 1, 2009


...finally got internet!

Eating has been crazy. Days of big eating, days of purging, days of no eating, a binge thrown in somewhere... pretty much every type of eating day imaginable has been crammed into my holiday. Overall though, I'm pleased to report that despite no real pattern, the overall trend is pretty calorofically low. Fabbo! Although I have absolutely no idea what I weigh, and probably won't find out until I get home next Monday... so so so weird... also kind of liberating... weight oblivion.

And I just bought my first real pair of proper designer jeans and they are the smallest available size, about an Au6 or a 24... such a fucking amazing feeling strutting my ass around this fabulous city in my tiny jeans. Hellz yeah!

Anyhoo I'm a million miles behind on everyone's blogs and will most likely remain so, but I miss you all my dearies!!



  1. Wow so jealous...cant wait till i get back to a 6.
    Stay strong sweets!


  2. omg.24 jeans....totally jealous

  3. Wow... I randomly found this blog when using google to convert 1.9 KG into pounds.

    I have to say, go get help. You are sick in the head.

  4. hahahah LOVE! i am incredibly sick in the head, and am getting help already. Although, recently starting to think I don't need it. I'm not going to change because, fuck it, I don't WANT to.

  5. small jeans, jealous!
    my eating has been all oer the place.
    I'm such a mess,
    I hope your enjoying yourself,
    where ever you are, x.

  6. How very wonderfully lovely.
    I've missed you too! Which is silly considering the whole internet lack of communication but I actually have :)
    Hope you have a lovely holiday.

    And your so famous with your comments from anonymous tehe.

  7. HA. Oh pasco, how in tune we are! well done for making it the five days, pity we both chose to follow them with epic BPing!!
    and yes, i have thought before about just accepting it, and carrying mouthwash and isotonic drinks with me everywhere. but alas, NOT a long term solution me thinks...

    Congrats on the 24 jeans baby!! xx

  8. That's so fantastic!! (the jeans)

    Have buckets & buckets 'o fun =)

  9. and how do you manage to attract so many anonymous HATAZ?! i love it. i love that they think its even worth those thirty seconds to type those words.
    sick in the head?
    NO SHIT.xx

  10. Tiny designer jeans. I love it. Hope your trip is fabulous and your weight oblivion will be rewarded with a loss on your return.

    <3 Eva

  11. Wow, that's amazing! (:

    I wonder if that hater realises that while they get their kicks from eating sugary foods,
    we get ours by throwing it up.

    Yasmine. xx