Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Black Moods

Towards the end of my trip I started to eat normally. Now I am home and normal has progressed into binging. Feeling kind of numb. All I want to do is sleep. I will read through all your blogs soon and get my blog up and running soon and things will all get on track again soon. Soon, but not now.



  1. hi
    i am feeling the same as you i just want to eat and sleep and just hide from the world
    but i will get strong i have to

  2. I understand everything.

    I'm feeling as if I was reading my own words.

    we're gonna make it somehow :*

  3. I understand.
    give in. eat. hide away.
    we will do it, don't worry. x

  4. *hugs*
    hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. Sometimes, you just need those days.
    We all break every now and again.
    But we'll be here to support you. Through binges, through fasts, through restricting, and even when/if you decide to eat normal again and leave this all behind.

    When you don't believe in you, it's okay.
    We'll do it for you.

  6. I mean, since you are already wearing the smallest size of jeans possible, maybe you can try and start eating normally again. You are no longer going to add the weight again if you just start eating normally.
    you seem happyer now, than you were when you ate nothing but gastrolyte. I dont want you to go back to that dark oblivion you were in last month.
    take care

  7. You'll get bacck you are so strong look how far you've come already!

    It's so hard to calibrate what is "normal" and slip back...I know this ALL TOO WELL!

  8. Don't binge, it'll just make you feel sick, sick in your tummy & your head.
    Just try to eat normally if you're going to eat.
    & be careful.

    Just hide yourself away for those few days, sleep, & let yourself relax.

    There's a thin line between pretty thin & ematiated. Try not to cross it.

    Yasmine. xx