Monday, July 20, 2009


I never dreamed I'd make it this far
Thank you all for your support
All 100 hundred of you

Who knows where to go from here?
It almost feels like an ending
First thing in the morning I catch a train to nowhere
I will be gone a month
I will be almost entirely alone
I may have internet
I may not
I could use this time to try and get better
I could not
...because I also know that a month of solitude is a long time to starve...

Goodbye my darlings. Maybe forever. Maybe not
We'll see what tomorrow brings
All my love


  1. Whatever happens enjoy your trip!


  2. Goodbye until you get back.
    Hope you find what you need.
    or even what you don't need.

    I wish you the best & the safest of journeys.

    Yasmine. xx

  3. <3
    Wow. You are beautiful xx
    I will text you occasionally, if you don't mind.
    I'll miss you too much.

    I hope your trip is successful.

  4. you'll be missed, no matter how long the absence

    take care

  5. Come back soon :)

    I will be waiting. <3

  6. you deserve it :)
    I hope you enjoy your break,
    wherever it takes you.
    good luck x

  7. I am of course selfish and want you to stay in contact with me (you have my email). But don't, if that's not good for you.

    Be lovely and delicate and wherever your journey takes you, I hope it's a good one.

    I'm missing you.

  8. I'll miss you. Good luck, stay strong, and most important, take care of yourself.


  9. i'm also going to play the selfish and jilted blogger card beside the supportive one.

    Are you really going? I'll miss you but i wish you all the best if so. Hope to hear from you soon. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Pasco I love you so much.
    And more than anything I want you to be happy and I hope this is a journey to happiness for you.
    While you are gone I will miss you and your words and your ethereal presence more than I can put down in words.
    Whatever happpens, do let us know won't you, just for peace of mind.
    All my love and support
    Ophelia x x x

  11. You really are beautiful. You've been an amazing voice in this community. A huge support to me, and I'm sure to many others. I hope you come back to us. I hope most of all that you can find a way to love yourself.

    I love you.
    <3 Eva

  12. argh i was scared i'd never hear from you again! thankyou for checking in, i hope your big adventure is everything you wanted it to be... love xx