Sunday, July 12, 2009

i ♥ tiny fruits

Why is large such a commodity?

I traipsed through my local markets yesterday to buy fruit and flowers. As usual, the huge big obnoxious apples and bananas are stupidly expensive and gleaming away in their pride of place display boxes. Then, below, the tiny reject fruit is flung in crates and sold off for tiny reject prices. I absolutely ADORE the tiny reject fruit! It always tastes better, fresher, crisper. It costs next to nothing. It looks delightful in my fruit bowl. And most importantly, you still get the satisfaction of picking up and eating the "whole" of something with a fraction of the calories. Wondrous! I got the teensiest weensiest cutest little bananas I have ever seen. By weight they are only about 30 calories each.

My desire to be small may developed into an affinity for all things small


  1. I found this post so adorable, I had to censor it and read it aloud to Paula Deen. Even my dog enjoyed it.

    I have never seen tiny bananas, but now I'm going to start looking for them ;)

  2. Tiny bananas?
    That's adorable!

    I like some smaller fruits, I suppose. Grapes, blueberries, black berries...I haven't really tried much else, sadly. For some reason in our society "big" is "better". You feel like you're eating more, I guess. I mean, look at fast food. They advertise "More food for a smaller price!" or all that other shit. It's sort of sad. We're a society of gluttony and overages.

  3. tiny fruits!
    I also think my obsession to become small has got me hooked on things that are small.
    strange. x

  4. I also love tiny food.
    Or food cut in really really thin slices.