Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Half a Glass

Not full
Not empty
Just half a glass.

My plan is working... kind of. I'm not buying extra food but bits and pieces are creeping toward me from outside sources. I have been purging a little bit. I am trying to stay positive... I'm overeating a little at the ends of my meals, but no real binges. And my purges are relatively gentle and still getting up all of the excess (and probably half of what I should be keeping down).

The fact that I'm struggling with my plan is not good
But the fact I'm not binging is not terrible

Just sort of a half glass of who knows what


  1. Half a glass is perfect. Half glasses are honest and truthfull.
    There's no manipulation in the form of optimism or pessimism by adding unnecessary extra words.
    I have great respect for you're half a glass.
    But i hope that things start going great for you soon, you sound very numb-ish. x

  2. dont keep overdoing it after meals tho because its that little extra every time that will add to gain in the long run. What was your plan anyway?And good luck, I really hope things start to work out even better!

  3. at least the glass isn't shattered?

    am I awesome at finding silver linings, or what?

    take your successes where you can get them and build from there, it's really all we can do to keep from falling back into habits we despise.

  4. Not too bad Pasco, just keep coasting on this and perhaps that glass may start filing up a bit! You know what happens when me make big changes...

    Keep your head up!

  5. half a glass, happy medium.

  6. half glasses are good. you know, to me you've been ethereal the whole time.

  7. Find a good thing to chew and spit. I need to get back into that. It's weird though isn't it :) I remember when you first were doing that.
    I do it to apples and oranges. Drink their juice.