Sunday, June 27, 2010


Life is getting hazy

Too much vomiting, daily, at least, and electrolytes all over the place. Long hours of work, seemingly coping but all that rallying my resources to get through the day and there is nothing left when I get home. Then I blank out the blur even more with drink and diazepam.

All I need is a simple and fail safe plan to get me through this next week. I am so tired I cannot think of a thing.

Maybe in the morning I'll step on the scales and try to claw myself back to reality.


  1. i really hope you can get out of this cycle!!! Sometimes stepping on the scale helps me stop a binge, sometimes it encourages one. Its hard to say. Hope all gets better tho!

  2. Feel better, sweets. I hope you get out of this destructive cycle and back on track.

    Stay strong and beautiful.

  3. I am hoping it just comes to you, as weak as that sounds I mean it.