Monday, June 7, 2010


I took a big self esteem hit tonight
It hit me hard, like a bullet

I am perceptive

People tell me I read too much into things,
I am paranoid,

But I always end up being right

And tonight I was right and I was not wanted.
I can't be bothered explaining the details,
Just know this:



  1. Just because someone doesn't think you're special doesn't mean that everyone thinks you're not, or that no one thinks that you are.


  2. well i think that you are.

  3. There's a reason for everything. For me, and you..and we are as (if not more) "special" than the next person..dont ever forget that! ..xo

  4. thats an insult to my judgement!
    You ARE over-analytical and paranoid. You think your crazy conclusions over what people say are true. I am the same way, so here I go being a hypocrite: don't listen to yourself!
    You're wrong.
    You are so so special.
    And beautiful.
    And kind.
    And all that jazz :)
    So don't you dare think that again for one second missy! Or else!

    Vanilla Finnegan

  5. for every one time we are right there are five times we were wrong and never noticed.

  6. you say we're yes men, & I do usually go with the mentality that 'if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all' - & this isn't mean because you said it yourself...

    all you lack is self esteem

    I certainly have little self esteem to pull from, but I fake self confidence with the best of them when I'm in public (in private I fall apart and cry). I see it in other people, the lack of understanding one's own self worth, and it is truly difficult to be around a person who thinks so little of themselves. It's hard to spend time with someone you think is beautiful and wonderful all in their own right, but to have to watch that person fall apart and beat themselves up daily.

    It can be just as draining & exhausting for those watching, but they have the option to turn away.

    I think the reason you felt unwanted, or the reason they may have made you feel unwanted, is because you are special, but you can't see it. & they can't take it anymore.

    I admire you for so many things, and none of them have a thing to do with your waist line. You are perceptive, and maybe a little over analytical, but that's what makes you fascinating.

    Maybe someday we'll all learn to love ourselves enough to believe (and allow) others to love us.


  7. LIAR.

    you're special to me.

    continents, oceans away, i would even dare to say you're special regardless of being special to me.

    that's right. i did dare to say it. SPECIAL SPECIAL AWESOME SOUL MATE SPECIAL.

    i would like to punch in the face whoever it was that made you feel not special. can i do that?

    xx x