Thursday, July 1, 2010

4 days

4 days sans spew
Each a difficult and desperate battle
But the calories are coming down
I'm eeking them down
With every ounce of will and strength and struggle

Mon 1200
Tue 1100
Wed 900
Thu 900

Working all weekend this weekend
It will be horrid

But hopefully distracting enough to keep me ploughing on


  1. 4 days is wonderful, good luck with the weekend


  2. "ploughing on", that exactly how it feels. Hope the ploughing turns into sailing along soon for you. Dont delete your blog. You dont have to post as much, but I love your never give up attitude. Reading your simple struggles everyday, makes me feel less alone, and gives me hope. Yes YOU do. :) <3

  3. Ahhh deary. I hope you're horrid work is worth it.
    Good work with calories and what not. <3

  4. That mysterious drifting girl, all limbs and tangled hair, meandering in fields of flowers. Amazing.

    I loved this quote.

  5. I've been following you for awhile now..i hope you don't mind. My eating is disordered at best and i lost most of my weight the 'healthy' way but i identify with your struggles and your feelings. I root for you when you don't throw up but i know it's tough. I have two blogs.. one is six.confusion that i stopped updating but it gives a little background and now my (mostly)current blog called for Him. Read only if you wish, but i do hope for the best for you.. :)