Monday, July 12, 2010

tomorrow weigh in

and try, try again


  1. good luck sunshine, I have a weigh in too tomorrow... I also am terrified by the stupid scale number that will show.

    We will get there x

  2. i'll keep my fingers crossed for you. good luck!

  3. You can do it! Whenever I feel like binging I text my bff and she tells me to 'use the force!' haha

  4. DEAREST ONE, i have not abandoned you. i wrote you a beautiful comment a few days ago and blogger deleted it on me and i hadn't the strength to rewrite it. i have found new amazing bloggers for you. they are making me very happy. in that comment i wrote you i said something about how we all do indeed change, and remember blogger a year ago when we were having such awesome fun and there was a stellar group of girls here? and how we have both changed since then. we have all changed. but these things come and go in cycles, you know. do not despair, do not give up hope, do not leave. i need you. you are my pillar. you are my soul mate. i have to run to work now but i wanted to let you know. i have not forgotten you. and i will have some new awesome bloggers for you later today.

    LOVE xx x

  5. eth I miss your posts :-(

  6. My apologies for having not visited in a while.

    I hope all's well.