Tuesday, May 25, 2010

that makes two of us

"you. make me


Are you kidding me?
I make myself sick all the fucking time!
Ah hahahaha haha ha

Could you possibly be MORE of a bore?


  1. indeed - at least be a little more creative with your comment :)

  2. Pasco I'm a regular reader of yours. I didn't make that comment - but I have to agree. You think it's cool to be bulimic, don't you?

    why. won't you


    Just stop fucking around with this disease!

  3. Anonymous.
    how about you bloody stop commenting such bullshitty nonsense?.
    do you really think we think being blumic is a glorious joy?!?!

  4. okay anonymous-

    people with bulimia aren't fucking around.

    Its not something fun.

    We don't walk into the kitchen and think hey- you know what would be really fun right now? To eat everything that I can see and then throw up until I bleed.