Saturday, April 17, 2010

My oh my,

how time flies!

I haven't blogged in almost 2 weeks, although it seems like yesterday. I really have nothing to say. I want to write something, I want to be uplifting or encouraging, but really I am just tired.



  1. i wanted to tell you how exquisitely beautiful your last post was. i wanted to tell you how much i miss you and how i worry and ask whether you're ok. i wanted to be here for you even when you weren't. i wanted to scoop you up in my arms and keep you safe. and then i fell through one of my own rabbit holes and on the way down wanted to tell you i was sorry for not commenting on how exquisitely beautiful your last post was. and then i fell deeper and deeper and now i have so little left to give to anyone because i don't know what there is left of myself but i do, at the very least, just want to say HELLO and I LOVE YOU TO PIECES and I HOPE YOU ARE OK and I MISS YOU LIKE MAD and I WISH WE DIDN'T LIVE AT THE OPPOSITE ENDS OF THE GLOBE BECAUSE I NEED YOU HERE AND I WANT TO BE THERE IF YOU NEED ME THERE and that we are, in fact, soul mates forever and it's been too long and i hope to god you're all right.

    i love you i love you my dear rose in all your ethereal beauty xx x

  2. I just want to say I have awarded you the sunshine award lovely. I hope you're okay.
    look on my blog for details, x.

  3. i havent blogged in months and it still kinda feels like yesterday, hope things are well. i distinctly remember your page, so beautiful and vintage <3 have a great week doll


  4. Hope you're doing okay love! We will all be here upon your return!