Saturday, December 4, 2010

and a month on

the sun is shining

I have stopped drinking
(let's call it a hiatus)
lost 2 kilos
am feeling more positive
and tomorrow night I have a date with a very handsome boy
who, quite possibly, might not be a horrible arsehole

I will post again when I have more good news



  1. this, makes me happy for you

  2. Yesssss! Come on Pasco, I'm cheering for you, waiting on next post soon :) x x x

  3. hi gorgeous, been missing you :D

    so glad things are looking up!!

    xx x

  4. its jolly nice to read good news posts pasco. miss you xx

  5. so happy to hear the sun is shining on you as well :)

  6. hi,
    today i read your blog for the first time.
    i had no idea. i'm overwhelmed by it. It made me really sad, watching your transformation. how you slipped deeper and deeper into desperation in front of the whole wwww with no one trying to help you.
    maybe you'll feel good to know that your writing cleared my sight. i was just on the verge to become like you, but your honesty safed me.

    i really really hope that one day you will be free of all your worries. You are the brightest, witted and most beautiful woman i have ever got to know. i dont know how to help you, you need help, i wish i could i feel so sorry for your suffering.

    please understand, this is NOT a hatercomment, eventhough im writing anonymously.

    i wish you the best. <3

  7. I hope your date was amazing and that you're doing extremely well.

  8. I stumbled upon your blog and it reminded me of when I read a chapter on depression of a book about mental health. If you can try and stop yourself from thinking negative thoughts, really try hard to change the thoughts into positive thoughts then perhaps you will think more positively about yourself and everything around you. Hope happiness is a state of mind we all reach

  9. waiting waiting waiting.

    comeback, update.
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  10. pleasecomeback!!!! <3

  11. Well i found this found and i think this is more likely a diary of you.I'm happy that u gave up drinking..!! Wish you all the best and wishes for you to success everything in your life and blessings of god be with you..!!

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