Thursday, April 7, 2011

Epilogue (maybe)

Is that what this is?

Was rambling round the internet and stumbled right back here. I thought I ought to write something. So I guess an update on my life in general.


The date turned into a boyfriend, a serious one, he lives with me now.
Somehow despite spending almost all our time together I managed to surreptitiously throw up every day for the last week. But I didn't throw up at all in the preceding week. I have high hopes for the week to come.

So things still wax and wane. I am happier, I must be, because I'm happy with him. And I love him, and he's better than I deserve. I don't feel entirely involved in our relationship a lot of the time, as though I'm just floating along in it and going with the flow. If he conducts my life for me it doesn't matter so much that I can't control it.

I am not thin. And I feel incredibly far from it, separated more by time than weight gain. I'm still "too fat" but haven't gained weight in a while. It is just such a long long while since I lost any. I look back on pictures of myself at the pinnacle of my blog and my lowest weight. It was so long ago, and I wish I didn't like the way I looked back then quite as much as I do. I really do. I wish it wasn't so painful getting there, and I don't think I could do it now if I tried. Sometimes I do try. It never works.

So I guess I just keep floating on. Sometimes I think I want to get help again, then I realise it would be impossible to do it without the boy finding out. Sometimes I think I should tell him, sometimes I nearly do. We tell each other everything, we have no secrets. This doesn't feel like a secret though, because I feel like it is not true, it is not who I am, it is temporary. It has been temporary for years now...

But if I play the game forever, eventually I will win.



  1. I have desperately missed you and your posts.
    I am ELATED you are happy with your boy.
    I hope you post occasionally, even if you're not in the throws of your ED, I just enjoy reading about your life.

  2. I agree with Cally C.
    I love hearing about your life.
    I've moved on from such things too. Still struggling with weight/binge/urge to starve/wanting to purge.
    I too am happier, and I think that you can come back to this blog writing about whatever pleases you.

  3. I've missed you. Please continue to post.


  4. Glad to hear that you are doing well :)

    Are you exercising? I've been doing yoga now for a couple of months and i love it!

    Missed ya.

  5. there seems to be this whole world that exists between crisis point and totally recovered in which we throw up one week and don't the next, care about our weight but not enough to go through the serious pain of doing something about it, start to be interested in life again but still as if we're trapped behind a pane of glass. this is the place where we don't want to tell anyone because it's not really a problem anymore, it's just a few minor slips now and again. treatment sounds lovely but not wholly necessary, not worth everyone else's fuss. i'm in that place too. it's terribly awkward, it's terribly strange. but it's better than drinking bleach to throw up, isn't it? you sound so much more stable, i'm so so pleased! you'll always be my love and soul mate. i hope we can both push our way out of this strange awkward place, rather than falling back into it.

    -anise xx x

  6. hello pasco,
    i'm soo happy to hear you are happy. even though this was so very long ago. gosh i hope you are still happy.
    i still love you.


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