Monday, October 11, 2010

I think I'm a bit over this.

Anyone still read?
Anyone give a shit if I sod off?


  1. Umm... yeah. Don't fucking die I'll miss you.

    A Long Term Reader


    Sar <3

  2. dear pasco,

    i don't think i have commented before, thoug maybe i have, i can't recall, but never mind that, yes, i do still read, and yes i would give a shit if you sodded off.

    and that probably sounds very selfish of me, but its true.

    the anonymous reader,
    helen (in a strange mood today).

  3. I'd give a shit

    but it is your decision to give up on posting, not ours

  4. Yes, I do. And yes, I do! So don't go, I miss you too much as it is!

  5. i still read, i still love you more than ever, and i love love love your blog. but i can tell you're over it. if you're done with blogger, it's ok, as long as i can still have you on FB. i just can't lose you all together, Pasco, i can't, i need you. i'm sick and i'm eating chicken soup in an attempt to not be sick but it's fucking with me because i want to throw it up so badly, which is so so fucked up. also the cat is trying to eat my bread because he's a BREAD THIEF and he smelled it from the other room and came stalking in here, all innocent-like, the asshole. this is the destroyer of many a loaf of bread and rice cakes and cereal. i have to keep cinnamon toast crunch in the fridge because of him. i guess our pets do take after us? anyway you can see why i call him Booger. he's sitting there pretending like he's just enjoying my company--oop he just made a break for the bread. this is a cat who won't eat turkey or chicken or tuna - just BREAD. weirdo.

    what was the point? hell if i know. oh right:
    1. leave blogger if you feel you need to, but
    2. DO NOT disappear all together
    3. we still have FB
    4. being sick and having an ED is SO not a good combination
    5. cats are essential for sanity and general amusement

    also if you're interested in getting reacquainted with blogging/remembering what you loved about it, try reading your old old posts and comments. always works for me. i am always amazed at where i was then and what lovely conversations we had.

    xx x

  6. I care :) I'm always reading I'm just not always certain of the things to say back xxx

  7. hahahahahah Anise :)
    Pascoe, even if you blogged about everyday life, putting on undies or what you thought about lunch. I would still love it.
    Maybe you need to revamp the blog? Or like Anise said, read the old posts we loved

  8. I have been much less than an active blogger for a while, but I still am around and still reading. I definitely still care.

    It is obvious that you have tons of support and people who love and adore you, but if you ever need extra, I would happily be there for you.

    <3 Eva

  9. This is just a sign that I still read & that I still love your blog. I am worried though, I hope you'll be more cheerful as the weather. You're heading towards Summer, right?

    Anyway I DO GIVE A SHIT about you, and I'd find it a pity if you stopped posting. Which is selfish. Sorry.

    Love, Apples

  10. Be calm, girl.
    You know we are here....

  11. I read!! I care! Sorry I didn't post on your last post I try not to post at work but anwyays take care <3<3<3

  12. I will miss your pretty pictures and pretty words (and sometimes ugly words too) if you stop posting. Just another voice tuning into the chorus.

  13. pleeeeeease dont i love love love your blog!

  14. keep posting! love reading your blog