Saturday, October 2, 2010


Yesterday I didn't binge or purge.

I wasn't really trying, I was just busy all day.
I hung out with a friend, went out for lunch, did some shopping, got a hair cut, came home and went to bed around 11pm.

It was the sort of day I imagine perfect people have. Not really caring or thinking about food. Eating out and able to enjoy it, but then too busy and carefree and not-eating-disordered to even think to eat for the rest of the day.

This morning I feel good.


  1. i'm so proud of you !! !
    i've had two days of the exact same thing (though busy with crazy amounts of work) and it feels suddenly amazing to NOT be thinking about food.

    let's remember how this feels, ok? and remember it next time we are about to binge. because usually it's foolish to try to stop the cycle after we've already eaten too much, but stopping it before it begins is achievable. let's remember and let's be brave. and maybe we can come out of this one day.

    i have not forgotten your FB message. when the work dies down you're first on my list for a good long response :D

    LOVE xx x

  2. I'm jealous. And very happy for you of course; if anyone deserves to have a perfect day then you are one of them. I'm sure you can do it again <3

    One day I will have a good day and think of you, then pass the good feelings to you by wishing. (It works, I'm sure it does.)

    Much love x

  3. i am very happy for you! i have the same illusion. that perfect people don't eat, because they are normal and don't have eating disorders and so they don't even think about food, because they are in control. but in fact they do. normal people think and talk about food all the time. and so few of them are perfect. you can only be perfect to the extent that you feel it yourself. and yesterday you were, which is absolutely wonderful. i wish you many more lovely days. xxxx

  4. high five.

    Let's figure out how to be busy all the time. Oh my gosh, let's get rich and live frivolous lives where we're so busy all day doing nothing but having everything to show for it.

    You and me kid, we can be unstoppable.

    No but seriously, I'm proud of you.

  5. Or we could just get hooked on some hideous drug that's awesome at first and then we're addicted and it no longer matters that we're thin because now we're goddamned tweakers who look about 72 years old.

    I bet you'd still look cuter than me though.

    Jesus I need to sleep.

  6. gushing with happiness for you because you deserve all o it.