Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Smiles Before Bed Time

Feeling quite good today. I ate about 500cal and pretty much all of it was just raw fruit and veg. I also went to an online pharmacy and spent a chunk of my government economic stimulus payout on vitamins, diet pills and caffeine supplements... I felt like I was being proactive and I can't wait til my package arrives in the mail!

I haven't weight myself in a while, but I want to hold off as long as I can so the number is more impressive (and hopefully not more of a disappointment). People have been telling me I'm looking thin. My mother who has always told me I'm fat has started saying I need to put on weight. It's funny - I don't want people to notice until it's too late. I want them to suddenly realise what's happening to me, not gradually predict it.

I'm amazed how easy it is getting to restrict. My body is getting used to less food. Going to bed hungry, and it feels so lovely :)

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  1. Glad you're doing well! I hope I got to bed hungry too.